Keep Connected with your Pet using the Paws2Go App

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Paws2Go app is a great addition to the Paws2Go product. It provides the ability to get notifications on your mobile devices when your pet touches the device. You can't always be near your pet so the app gives you the freedom of knowing when your pet needs outside from anywhere in your house.

Five Steps to Setup your Paws2Go with the App

  1. Download the app on your mobile device and open it
  2. For iOS, allow the Paws2Go app to access your location and allow the app to send you notifications. For Android, ????
  3. Touch the Paws2Go device and your mobile device will find it and ask you if ????







Load the App after your Pet can use the Paws2Go

Even though its fun loading a brand new app on your mobile device, it may be beneficial to wait until your pet has mastered the Paws2Go. During the training period, you and your pet will be touching the Paws2Go numerous times which will send notifications to your mobile devices. 


Get the free Paws2Go app and begin getting notifications from your pet