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How to Use Paws2Go to Potty Train your Dog

Whether you’ve just purchased a Paws2Go or are considering it, this is the place for you. In this blog you will find tips on how to use Paws2Go to potty train your dog or puppy. We’ve simplified the process into four easy steps:

  1. Customize your message on the Paws2Go
  2. Introduce your dog to the Paws2Go
  3. Select a location for the Paws2Go
  4. Start using the Paws2Go

Customize your message on the Paws2Go

In contrast to other smart dog doorbell products, you can customize your Paws2Go by recording a personalized message or sound clip. We have recorded everything from movie quotes to toilet flushing sounds. You have ten full seconds of recording time, so get creative! However, please keep in mind some dogs respond better to the familiar voice of their owner.

To record, press and hold the red button on the back of the unit as shown in the picture. Recording begins when you see the small LED turn red. Speak directly into the microphone located above the switch. Let go of the switch when you are done recording. Keep in mind that pressing this button will permanently erase the previously recorded message.

Test your recording by placing the Paws2Go on the ground and touching its top surface. Note, if you move the Paws2Go to another location, you may have to wait several seconds before it responds again to touch. 

Back of Paws2Go showing how to record

Pro Tip: There is no volume control on this dog doorbell. You can adjust the volume of the playback by moving closer or farther away from the microphone during recording.

Introduce your dog to the Paws2Go

    Similar to a new toy you might purchase for your dog and bring home, the Paws2Go should be introduced to your dog by placing it on the floor and allowing them to sniff or lick it. Be sure to praise them whenever they interact with the Paws2Go. You want to encourage this behavior so they learn it's okay to touch it. Depending on your dog’s character, you may have to persuade them to engage with the Paws2Go by placing their favorite treat on top of it. During this step, it is important to establish a command word or short phrase which will be stated before your dog touches the Paws2Go.  For instance, “Go Potty,” “Touch the Paws2Go” or “Let’s Go Outside”. First say the phrase and then have your dog touch the Paws2Go. After your dog touches the Paws2Go, be sure to reward them with praise and a treat. This step may take several days before your dog will approach the device on their own. Make sure your dog is comfortable around the Paws2Go before moving on to the next steps. 

    Picture of dog laying next to the Paws2Go dog doorbell

    Select a location for the Paws2Go

    The Paws2Go can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. This flexibility allows your dog to use their nose or their paws to touch it. A wall mount adapter is included and conveniently stored on the back of the device. It can remain in place if you choose to use the Paws2Go on the floor. The size of your dog, personal preferences and house traffic patterns should influence your decision for where to place your device. Select a location which is convenient for both you and your dog. If you choose to place it on the floor, don't worry about accidentally stepping on it. The design is tolerant to both dogs and their owners stepping on it.

    paws2go dog doorbell hanging on the wallPaws2go on the floor

    Start using the Paws2Go 

    Once you have chosen a location for the Paws2Go, it is time to train your dog how to use it. Basically, you are teaching your dog to associate going potty outside with touching the Paws2Go. The house training process requires repetition, consistency and lots of praise. In the beginning you should take your dog outside using timed intervals. Before taking your pet outside, be sure to state your command phrase and have your pet touch the Paws2Go. You may have to gently position your dog’s paw or nose to make contact with the device in order to activate it.  Also, make sure you are only taking your dog outside to go potty. You do not want your pet to think using the Paws2Go is a way to get you to play with them outdoors. After your dog goes potty outside, reward them with praise and a treat before going back inside. At some point in the training process, your dog will touch the Paws2Go by themselves. Yes! That is what you have been waiting for! Quick, take them outside so they can go to the bathroom. When your dog is consistently using the Paws2Go, slowly phase out the treats but continue to verbally praise them for meeting your expectations. Good Dog! 

    dog stepping on the Paws2Go dog doorbell waiting to go potty outside


    House training your dog to use the Paws2Go is about consistency, patience, time, praise, and lots and lots of treats! Keep in mind, there are multiple methods and techniques to potty train a dog. Even the one described in this blog can be modified to fit your pet’s specific needs. Consistency in your training habits and patience throughout the process are the best ways for you to achieve successful results. Remember to encourage every member of the family to follow the same training routine and use the same command phrase to avoid confusing your dog. Lastly, don’t forget to visit to learn more about the product.

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