Does your dog need to potty?

Meet the Paws2Go smart potty alert system.
Puppy who had an accident in the house

Stop Pet Accidents

Dog waiting to go potty outside

Simplify Pet Communication

How Paws2Go Works

Place Paws2Go on the floor or mount it on a wall. Train your pet to touch the Paws2Go when they need to go potty outside. Once touched, the Paws2Go will play back your personalized message, the sides of the device will flash blue and it will send a notification to your mobile device using the free Paws2Go app for iOS and Android.

Paws2Go is a modern approach to house breaking your pet which maintains the simplicity of hanging potty training bells from a door knob.

Designed to Help with Housetraining

The Paws2Go is the first interactive dog potty training device to use both proximity and touch sensing technologies enabling your pet to alert you when they need to go potty just by touching it. You can record your own messages or sound clips on the device to automatically play back after your pet touches the Paws2Go. It uses wireless technology to easily connect to your phone so you can be anywhere in or around your house and know when your pet needs to go potty. It also comes with a convenient wall mounting option allowing your pet to use their nose to touch it.

Features of the Paws2Go doggy doorbell showing the front of the product
Features of the Paws2Go doggy doorbell showing the back of the product

Whether you are tired of pet accidents happening throughout the house, having scratches appear on your doors and walls or simply can't always be in the same room as your pet, Paws2Go is a great solution for housetraining your pet.

Get Notifications from your Pet

Dog received Paws2Go notification on cell phone
Paws2Go can mount on a wall replacing those doggy bells

Pet Friendly Wall Mounting


No Dog is too Small or too Big

Large and small dog sitting together next to a Paws2Go device

Testimonials from Dog Owners

When we first got our dog Toby, he was a puppy and not house trained.  Shortly after that, we were approached by Ken and Wendy with something they were working on.  It was called “Paws2Go”...Continue Reading

David Fowler

I was a little skeptical of whether our puppy would be able to use the paws2go since she was terrified of the hanging bell system we tried first.  It took her one treat placed on it to figure out howto use it and she has...Continue Reading

Beth Prokop

When our son asked for a puppy my first thought, “no way”, potty training a puppy is the worst.  However, one look into those big chocolate puppy eyes and I was hooked.  Now onto the dreaded...Continue Reading

Cynthia Smith

Our Gooldendoodle Buckeye uses his Paws2Go all the time.  At first Buckeye was afraid of it so we re-recorded OHIO State fight song at a lower volume.  Now we have it recorded at a higher volume so we can hear...Continue Reading

Becky Sommers

We love Paws2Go! Training was easy, and it’s a great alternative to bell training if you don’t want your door or wall to get scuffed. It’s also fun to customize the message that plays when the dog activates the device!

Danielle and Freddy Behnke

My dog Lucy uses it every day. Thanks to the App, I can be in the garage or basement and still know when she needs out.

Bill Beskitt

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