Does your dog need to potty?


The Most Innovative Dog Doorbell

• Entire top surface is touch sensitive; no buttons to push or training bells to ring.

• Sends notifications to your smartphone.

• Plays back your recorded message after being touched.

• Extremely durable design for the toughest dogs.

• NEW "Travel Mode" so you can take it wherever you go.

House Training your Dog can be Entertaining

Picture of dog touching the Paws2Go to go potty outside

Quick and Easy Smartphone Connection


Excuse Me, I Need to Go Potty

Picture of dog waiting to go potty outside

Engineered to Help Potty Train a Dog

The Paws2Go is the first smart dog doorbell and potty training device to use touch sensing technology. This allows your dog to alert you when they need to go potty simply by touching the Paws2Go. This means there is no pressing or pushing a button, no shaking bells and no scratching your walls. It doesn't matter if your dog is 3lbs or 130lbs; they can use the Paws2Go to get your attention.

You can record your own messages or sound clips on the device. They automatically play back after your dog touches the Paws2Go.

Top Features of the Paws2Go Dog Doorbell
Bottom Features of the Paws2Go Dog Doorbell

It uses long range Bluetooth technology to easily connect to your smartphone so you can be anywhere in or around your house and know when your dog needs to go potty. It also comes with a convenient wall adapter option so you can mount your Paws2Go on the wall. Great for dogs who rather use their nose to touch it instead of their paw.

The Paws2Go is designed to wirelessly transmit its signal over long distances.

A single Paws2Go doggy doorbell can send notifications to multiple smartphones as long as they are running the Paws2Go app.

Your smartphone can receive notifications from multiple Paws2Go devices throughout your house. Each doorbell can be given a unique name.

Testimonials from Dog Owners

We love Paws2Go! Training was easy, and it’s a great alternative to bell training if you don’t want your door or wall to get scuffed. It’s also fun to customize the message that plays when the dog activates the device!

Danielle and Freddy Behnke

My dog Lucy uses it every day. Thanks to the App, I can be in the garage or basement and still know when she needs out.

Bill Beskitt

I trained a 3.5 month male French Bulldog to use this product in less than a week and not a single accident. I didn’t even need to use treats, just positive reinforcement! As you may know, French bulldogs - especially male are notorious for how difficult they are to potty train. This product is amazing.

Erin Morris

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