Meet Reese. Our Inspiration.

Reese is why the Paws2Go device exists today.  She only weighed two and half pounds when we brought her home. She was so little! When we started potty training, she quickly learned to go to the door to be let outside. However, she was so small, we didn't always know she was there. Especially if she went to the door at night. So, Reese had a lot of accidents in the house. We decided we needed a way for her to signal us. It had to be something she could touch that would provide us with both light and sound indicators. Over the years, we've designed and Reese tested several prototypes and finally developed the Paws2Go.  

Now We Know When She Needs To Go

Who We Are

Paws2Go is a part of a larger vision for our parent company TKQ Technology, LLC. TKQ Technology has three engineers with a large breadth of knowledge in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware, and Software engineering. The designers are Ken Turocy with 28 years of Electronic Hardware design, Bill Beskitt with 28 years of Mechanical design, and Dustin Boley with 10 years of Electronic hardware design as well as 5 years of Embedded Firmware and Software Design. We are committed to designing and delivering the best products possible to our customers. TKQ Technology, besides creating and supporting the Paws2Go, also offers design services for companies looking to create new products as well as update existing products. This is our design team!


Ken TurocyKen Turocy
Electrical Engineer


Dustin BoleyDustin Boley

Electrical & Firmware Engineer

 Bill BeskittBill Beskitt
Mechanical Engineer