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Review: Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant

Does your dog scratch or bark when he wants to go outside? Is he ruining your front door or just driving you crazy? The Paws2Go Dog Potty Training Assistant connects to your smartphone via a free app and notifies you when Fido needs a bathroom break.

By Samantha Randall

Paws2Go Smart Potty Bell Review + Giveaway

I love my potty bells. They were a game-changing tool in getting Matilda potty trained.
But they’re annoying. Especially when she crashes into them ten times because I’m not getting up fast enough. And at night, the clattering bells wake up my family members. They’re kind of an earsore.
That’s why I was so excited to hear about Paws2Go… and I know you’re going to love it too.

By Lindsay Pevny
December 10, 2018

Little Dog Tips 

Paws2Go Review: An Alternative in Puppy Potty Training

Potty training in dogs, most especially puppies is one of the most daunting tasks to ever be introduced to pet owners and pet lovers. For first-time pet owners, especially dogs, this can spell the difference between deciding to keep a puppy and giving it away or giving up on pets altogether. In fact, if you are a kid who got his wish for a new puppy, this is one of the cardinal things that your parents would remind you “feed the dog, bathe the dog and potty train the dog.”

By Mark Braeden
December 30, 2018

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The Smart Dog

We love our techy gadgets, smartphones and apps that not only make our lives easier, but downright fun. And now, more than ever, smart stuff is expanding to our dogs' world, as well. Here's a look at a few of the countless devices and apps out there to ensure Bella is safe, groomed, exercised and entertained.

By Susan Spisak
March 1, 2019


House Breaking Made Easy with Paws2Go

As you know, all pups have to go through house training to be a respected member of the household. Some of us catch on quicker than others and we all have a different way of lettin’ our humans know we need to do our business WOOF! My Lady was talkin’ to a friend of hers the other day and found out she just adopted a new pup named “Ham”. Ham is in the process of potty trainin’ right now. So, we decided they needed to be the ones to test out a fun Paws2Go system!

By Sherryl Wilson
March 19, 2019

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Paws2Go Potty Training System

Why I'll Never Use Potty Training Bells Again (Paws2Go Review + Giveaway)

Some dogs are quick to learn how to politely and effectively signal they need to relieve themselves.  Others struggle with this and need a little extra help.  Thanks to their simplicity and inexpensive price tag, potty training bells have quickly become a very common tool for new puppy owners to teach their dog appropriate bathroom etiquette.

While they sound good in theory, many pet parents like myself quickly discover that potty training bells aren’t as great of a concept in reality.  My frustration boils down to six main issues.  I’m guessing that if you’ve tried using potty training bells before, you’ll be all too familiar with these…

By Thomas Strock
September 15, 2020

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