Training Guidelines

The Paws2Go was created by a small team of engineers who are not professional pet trainers. That being said, we have house trained our own dogs to use the Paws2Go device and have met with our customers to understand more about their training methods. Using what we have learned, we created this section to provide tips and insights to help you house train your dog. For the dog owners out there, we have discovered that training a pet to use Paws2Go does depend on the dog’s breed, its age and if it has been previously trained with another method. It also requires dedication, consistency and patience. Some dogs learn to use the device in days but some may take weeks. Here are a few guidelines we have learned throughout our product development and testing. 

1. Lots of Treats and Praise
Use your pet’s favorite treats and consistently reward the desired behavior. Treats will be used to encourage your pet to touch the Paws2Go and they will also be used as a reward after they go potty outside. As training progresses and your dog begins touching the Paws2Go on their own when they need outside, treats can be removed from the reward system. However, continue to generously praise your pet when they meet your expectations.

2. Be Consistent in Your Training Habits
This tip is definitely directed at the pet owner. It is very important to create a method for training and stick with it until your pet learns how to use the Paws2Go. If there are multiple people or family members trying to work with the same dog, ensure they are all using the same method of training. You want to avoid confusing your pet during this process which can lead to a longer training time. 

3. Large Dogs Don't Always Like the Low Profile of the Paws2Go
We have had owners of large dogs set the device on a small stand until the dog gets used to touching it with their paw. Then they remove the stand when the dog is comfortable.

4. Try Recording a Familiar Voice Rather than an Unfamiliar Sound
Not all pets do well with unfamiliar sounds. You may have to try recording the sound of your own voice on the Paws2Go so that your pet is comfortable with touching the Paws2Go. Other pets have no problem with an owner who constantly changes the recording for entertainment reasons.

5. Come up with a Phrase to Say when Teaching Your Pet to Touch the Paws2Go
Many pets respond well to the use of a short phrase being repeated as you train them to touch the Paws2Go. Some examples include "Let's go outside", "Step on the Paws2Go" and "Let's go potty".

6. Work with a Professional Trainer
If all else fails, seek help from a professional trainer. Some of our owners have had great success with the company Sit Means Sit.

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