I think “PAW2GO” is an ingenious invention. Its purpose is to train your dog to touch the pad and alert you that she/he needs to go outside to do her/his business.

Coco uses the Paws2Go Dog Doorbell if her mom needs help
I have taken this concept to a new level. I have a 3 1/2# Teacup Yorkie. When I came across “PAWS2GO” I thought it would suit my purpose to another end. You see, Coco is a Service Dog. I wanted her to be able to alert someone if I should fall or black out.

Coco has adapted very quickly to learning to hit the “PAWS2GO” pad when I “hit the floor”! When she does this, a message is automatically relayed to my husband’s cell phone and that message brings him running to help me. I have also trained her to take a verbal command to “hit the pad” should I be conscious but physically unable to get help myself.

Coco will go back and forth between the pad and myself until I regain consciousness or my husband arrives. It’s a process that never fails and it’s so much nicer to have a loving animal come to my aide immediately than waiting to regain consciousness and press a button around my neck to get help. It saves valuable time that could mean my life. We put a few of these pads around the house to make it easier for Coco to find one in case of an emergency.

Yes, small dogs can be Service and Alert dogs! Coco, with the help of “PAWS 2GO”, has proven with reliability that this process works hand-in-hand! It’s a heck of a relationship!!

Thank you “PAWS2GO”, you have greatly expanded the use of your invention to suit my needs! I can see this device expanding its original purpose perhaps with someone else taking it further than I have with Coco.

- Lou, Melanie and Coco

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