When we first got our dog Toby, he was a puppy and not house trained.  Shortly after that, we were approached by Ken and Wendy with something they were working on.  It was called “Paws2Go” and it was a device to house train your dog.  Well, we were at the point that we were ready to try anything.  Little did we realize how easy it was going to be after that.  The Paws2Go allowed us to record the message both we and Toby would hear in our own voice.  A week or so of training him to touch the top of the device with his paw and then opening the door to take him outside and that was it.  He soon figured out that if he needed to go outside that was all he had to do.  He also figured out if he wanted to go outside and play, it worked for that too.  I suppose that’s the downside of having a really smart dog.

When they told us there was an updated model, complete with Bluetooth and a smartphone app, we were ready and willing to try that out.  What’s amazing about that is, if you are in the basement and Toby needs out, he steps on the Paws2Go and my phone gets a notification.  What a lifesaver that was.  Another great thing about the Paws2Go is that the battery lasts a long time.  We have changed it once in a year and a half.  We also take it with us when we travel.  When we arrive at our destination, all we do is set it by the door and show him where it is.  That’s really all it takes. 

Paws2Go is really a great tool for training your dog.  All our friends are amazed by it and how well it works.  I highly recommend Paws2Go for anyone trying to house train their dog.

-David Fowler & Toby

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