Paws2Go App for iPhones and Fitbit Smartwatches

First Step: How to set up the Paws2Go app on your iPhone

Prior to beginning, it helps to have your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Location Services enabled.

  • Go into the App Store and search for "Paws2Go"
  • Load the Paws2Go app on your iPhone
  • Open the app
  • Select “OK

Allow Bluetooth for Paws2Go

  • Select “Allow While Using App

Allow Paws2Go to use location services

  • Select “Allow

Allow paws2go to send you notifications

  • Touch the Paws2Go and you should see the following message. Select “Set up

New paws2go was found for new setup

  • Type in a name for your Paws2Go device and select “Done

What would you like to name the paws2go device

  • Press your iPhone's home button to exit the app.

Your iPhone is now ready to receive notifications from the Paws2Go device. Touch the Paws2Go to test.

Depending on the state of your iPhone during the installation process, you may receive a pop-up like the one shown below. Using Bluetooth requires the use of Apple’s location services. Selecting “Always Allow” is needed so the iPhone can receive Bluetooth notifications from the Paws2Go even while the phone is asleep.

  • Select “Change to Always Allow

Allow paws2go app to use location when not using the app

If you don’t receive notifications from the Paws2Go after this process, please ensure the following settings are enabled on your iPhone: 

  • Bluetooth for the iPhone is enabled (Under Settings)
  • Location Services for the Paws2Go app is set to “Always” (Under Privacy Settings)
  • Bluetooth for Paws2Go app is enabled (Under Privacy Settings)

Second Step: Instructions for receiving Paws2Go notifications on your Fitbit smartwatch

The following process will setup your Fitbit application to receive push notifications from the Paws2Go. These instructions assume you have installed the Fitbit app on your iPhone, setup a Fitbit profile and connected your Fitbit smartwatch to your iPhone.

  • Open the Fitbit app on your iPhone
  • Select your profile
  • Select your smartwatch
  • Scroll down and select “Notifications”
  • Select “App Notifications”

Fitbit notification window in app

  • Ensure the slider for Paws2Go is enabled

Fitbit app notification window for paws2go

  • Leave the Notification windows and exit the Fitbit app

Your are now ready to begin receiving notifications on your iPhone and Fitbit smartwatch from the Paws2Go dog doorbell.

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