Paws2Go Smart Phone Connection

The Paws2Go uses long range Bluetooth technology to easily connect to your smartphone. You can be anywhere in or around your house and know when your dog needs to go potty. It can even broadcast the potty alert to multiple smartphones running the app. It's also built to support dog owners who want to use multiple Paws2Go devices in their house or apartment.

Paws2Go bluetooth distance from mobile device 300 feet

The Paws2Go is designed to wirelessly transmit its signal over long distances.



Paws2Go dog doorbell and multiple smart phones

A single Paws2Go doggy doorbell can send notifications to multiple smartphones as long as they are each running the Paws2Go app.


 Multiple Paws2Go dog doorbells and one smartphone


Your smartphone can receive notifications from multiple Paws2Go devices throughout your house. Each doorbell can be given a unique name. For example, one can be named "front door" and another one can be named "back door".

Download the free app for your Android or Apple device today and begin taking advantage of the Paws2Go's wireless feature.

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