Paws2Go Travel Mode

Many dog owners love to bring their pets with them when they travel. If your dog is potty trained on the Paws2Go, you may want to take advantage of our Travel Mode feature on your next trip. Travel Mode allows you to power down the Paws2Go product without having to remove batteries or record a "silent" message. By entering Travel Mode, your device is put to sleep and no longer provides touch activation alerts. Once you reach your destination, exiting Travel Mode allows your dog to begin using the device just like they did at home.


Paws2Go in suitcase ready for travel

To Enter Travel Mode:
  • Two quick presses of the record button
  • You will see the blue light blink several times and then it will be in Travel Mode

finger pressing the Paws2Go dog doorbell record button

To Exit Travel Mode:
  • Long press the record button for 3-seconds
  • Release the record button when you begin to hear your recording playback
  • The blue light will stay on solid for several seconds as it exits Travel Mode

    NOTE: Travel Mode is only available on devices purchased on or after June 18th, 2020.

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