Reese touching the Paws2Go and looking up waiting to go potty
Paws2Go device with a mobile phone showing the potty alert app
Front of the Paws2Go device for dog potty training
Back of Paws2Go device used for house training your pets
Paws2Go showing its Blue LED glow after being touched by your pet
Reese touching the Paws2Go dog doorbell so she can go potty outside
Apple watch showing Paws2Go notification on its screen
Fitbit watch showing Paws2Go notification on its screen
Dog getting ready to touch the Paws2Go device to let their owner know they need to go potty
Front of the Paws2Go product box
Back of Paws2Go Product Box
Top view of the Paws2Go device for housetraining your dog

Paws2Go Smart Potty Bell

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Whether you have a busy lifestyle or a family which is always on the move, your pet may not always get the attention it needs. The Paws2Go provides a fun way for the whole family to know when their pet needs to go potty outside. Avoid those pet accidents by giving your pet a way of communicating with you. All you have to do is teach your pet to touch the Paws2Go when they need to go potty outside and you can begin relaxing knowing your pet will be able to convey their bathroom needs.

Record your favorite song clip or a funny phrase on the device and you will be entertained every time your pet touches the Paws2Go. In addition, all four sides of the Paws2Go will begin to flash and it will send a notification to all phones running our free Paws2Go app within the range of your house. So get your Paws2Go today and give your pet a way to let you know when they need to go.



 Entire Top Surface is Touch Sensor Activated for Ease of Use by Your Pet

 Blue LED Technology is used to Light Up All Four Sides after being Touched. This provides Visual Feedback at Night when its Difficult to see your Pet Quietly Waiting to go Potty at the Door

 Up to 10 Seconds of Sound or Voice Message Recording for Audible Feedback

 Sends a Notification to your Mobile Device using the Paws2Go App for Ultimate Convenience

 Can be used on the Floor or Wall Providing Multiple Ways to Train your Pet to use It

 Comes with 3 x AAA Batteries to get you Up and Running Quickly

 Durable and Reliable Design withstands use from our Larger Pets

 Free Paws2Go app available on Google Play and the App Store

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    Paws2Go is an electronic device which provides multiple ways for your pet to signal they need to go potty outside. Paws2Go can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. It has no moving parts for your dog to push and it replaces the old method of hanging potty training bells on a door with a new modern twist. Just train your pet to touch the device when they need to go potty outside.  Once your pet touches it, the device will play back your personalized message, all four sides will light up and blink and it will send a notification to any iPhone or Android mobile device using the free Paws2Go app. The Paws2Go is designed for use by all sizes of dogs and can withstand just about any abuse with its tough outer shell and scratch resistant top surface.

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